Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Impossible Dinner Party

© 100 Layer Cake

I love to entertain, so I am always daydreaming and indulging in the idea of who I would invite to my 'Impossible Dinner Party'. The guest list is still very much a 'work in progress, however here are a couple of guests who remain solid on the list. Jamie Oliver - I just love his passion for life, Bear Grylls - I think he would have some very colourful dinner table stories, Roger Federer - he just comes across like the sweetest man don't you think?, and Ben Kweller - an American singer song writer with the most tender heart. The list is very 'man heavy', so I think I need to add some ladies to the bill. Any thoughts?

vR x

P.s. Of course you are invited Timothy O x


  1. ME and Bilie Holliday to sing sweet melodies all night long!

  2. The current day Jane Birkin! For the stories, Billie Holliday can sing with Ben K.

    Timothy O.


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