Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cheers... Happy Weekend....

We are preparing to have some friends over on the weekend for a little feast at our house. I love thinking about food and the ways we can share such wonderful produce, nothing too fancy, just keeping it real....when I realised its about time I shared some other friends of mine with you....

You know those sorts of people that are soaked in integrity and radiate passion... the sorts of people that are wonderfully warm and ridiculously talented... they say they will do something, they craft it and it turns into a celebrated success... well here are a couple of those sorts of people... husband and wife Peter and Hannah Logan of family run Logan Wines in the Central Ranges of New South Wales. Red, White, Fizzy or Sticky, whatever you love to drink I can guarantee you will love theirs more! If you ever find yourself in Mudgee please stop by their tasting room... it is not to be missed. If Mudgee isn't on the horizon then hop online and be spoilt by choice. There is even a very convenient and exclusive wine club you can join. Told you, they are very smart! Welcome their brilliant and honest wine into your home.

Bon Week-End!
vR x

1 comment:

  1. what a fantastic label, gee those friends you have coming over this weekend sure are lucky! xo


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