Friday, July 9, 2010

Efficient Home is a Happy Home

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© Sharyn Cairns

Like the rest of the population who are aware of the changing world around us, I have become increasingly concerned with the unquenchable thirst for energy we have and the dirty appetite we have to consume.

Here are a couple of really simple and easy solutions I have adopted to help make my home more efficient! If I can do it you can too!

Compost! You will be surprised and slightly shocked by the volume of food scraps that are wasted. The best way to manage this is to have a little enamel bowl handy to pop all your food scraps in and then a compost spot in the back of your garden to throw them all into. Beware, composting is addictive! Here are some tips to get started.

GYO! The most fun thing you can do is Grow- Your-Own! Much of the commercial produce grown and sold travels hundreds of kilometres from the farm to the supermarkets. Why not grow it yourself in your own back yard, window sill or verandah. It won't take more than an afternoon to set up!

Reduce your heating! I recently sold our heater on eBay. We live in Queensland, it really isn't necessary. Limit your heating, bring out your beautiful blankets and throws, utilize curtains and rugs, wear socks and slippers, revel in the season!

Meat Free Monday! Farm animals produce a lot of poo, which in turn releases methane - a greenhouse gas. When you total up the energy used for feed and transportation, plus the methane released, livestock production generates nearly a fifth of the worlds greenhouse gases. Utilise the richness of our culinary diversity by omitting meat from at least one meal a week. You often find the worlds best chefs don't see lines or distinctions between vegetarian or meat filled meals, why should we!

Happy Weekend! Get Composting!
vR x

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