Thursday, August 26, 2010

At My Table....

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"Right down to the very last napkin, a dinner party reveals so much about its host" says Vogue Living contributor and caterer John Wilson.

A late Sunday lunch is his idea of the perfect meal and mine too!
John suggested a minimum of twelve people, yup thats right, twelve people (yikes) for the perfect balance of conversation.

You will win more votes by throwing a fun relaxed gathering than by cooking complicated Michelin Star recipes. I would recommend any recipes from Riverford, a Devon based organic farm in the South of England.

A sensitively furnished table with a comfortable chair, a napkin as big as a bed sheet, cutlery that feels as though it belongs in your hand and a plate that doesn't work like a vortex when the cutlery is left unsupervised are all just as important as the food.

John also suggested hiring someone to do the cleaning and washing up for you - well, with a minimum of twelve guests you might have to!

vR x

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