Thursday, November 3, 2011

Floor Sanding Part Two

So, I doubt anyone will be coveting the above shot on Pinterest, though I thought I would keep it real and show you the behind the scenes chaos at our house mid sanding the floors.

I am planning on posting a few more 'sanding' posts on route to achieving limed floor boards. So if you are interested or curious about limed floor boards, then keep checking back. Hopefully I will have some results for you soon!

Gotta love a road test!

Talk soon!
K xx


  1. Goodness - that is crazy business! My offer still stands - even if you just want me to cheer from the sidelines!!! Go team! xx

  2. I'm interested to know what timber your boards are? The end result looks great!

  3. They are actually pine; I have done a much better application job in the other rooms which I will share on the blog over the coming days. The key is in the gradual application. K xx

  4. Thanks for that, I'm impressed at how wonderful they look for pine.

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