Friday, November 4, 2011

Sanding Part Three

Thought I would share the latest on the sanding adventure. After doing a few liming solution tests (Feast Watson and Porters Paints), I hired a floor sander yesterday and sanded two rooms. I couldn't believe how easy it was with the floor sander. I had used the belt sander over the weekend to do the liming solution tests and that was a nightmare, so messy and really really slow.
What we have done is sectioned the house in two. Half of the house is empty and is in renovation mode, while the other half is completely and utterly full to the brim of all of our things. Absolute Mayhem... you know that kind of mayhem where you can't even find your knickers!

Hopefully over the weekend I'll have actual liming results to share with you... I'm so excited about this part!

Happy Weekend!

K xx


  1. Oh my - they look so, so great! I love them as they are but I know they have to be sealed. I know they say that a workman should never blame his tools but sometimes it really does pay to get the right tool for the job. Yay to floor sanders, new floors and a back that will function in your old age! Hurrah!


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