Friday, June 18, 2010

Cottage Love

In 2008 I had the absolute privilege of staying in this isolated holiday Croft in the North West Highlands of Scotland called 'Callekille'. In the 19th and early 20th century this area was largely populated by 'Crofters', small communities of families and neighbours working poor quality land together to provide food for their community. This little cottage or 'Croft' is the last one standing on this particular landholding, as over the years the others have turned to rubble. Crofters in this region faced many hardships due to the constrains of the extreme Scottish climate. They were often faced with famine and disease due to the isolation on the coast. In the 1950's the inhabitants of this little area had enough of the hardships and decided to move on. The thirty or so Crofters threw all of their pocession off the cliff and into the raging sea below, in the pursuit to never be reminded of the bad years. Isn't that incredible! Our homes really do carry the truth of who we are and the stories we tell.

vR x
p.s yes, I did trawl the rock faces below for Crofter's Treasure.

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  1. I finally worked out how to comment! I love this post (of course) it's so great to see the beautiful photos after hearing all about your adventurous trip (about a year ago!). A truly amazing place, you are so lucky to have visited Jess x


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