Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacancy and Simplicity

Many of you may know that I am renovating my petite cottage here in Brisbane. We are close to finishing our first room - the bathroom. For one little room it needed a lot of love, a lot of patience and a lot of hard work; walls knocked down, walls repositioned, new floor slab, windows removed, windows replaced, endless gapping... the list was a long one. Throughout the process many people asked me how I go about decorating and achieving our desired final look and feel. I think when deciding upon the direction of any room it is important to realise how you want to live in the room itself. I know it sounds simple, yet so many people overlook that question. How do I want to feel in this space? Is this space going to be efficient and support my needs and future needs? Am I going to love spending time here? The above photograph gave me clarity when deciding upon a direction for our bathroom. I love the sense of calm, the vacancy and the simplicity; three words that should be used more often!
Happy Weekend!

vR x

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