Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ciao Bella

Happy Sunday!

Hope your Sunday is full of yummy delights as mine has been so far.
Timothy O and I popped into our favourite Italian patisserie Dolci Sapori at Clayfield for an expresso this morning. We decided to treat ourselves with a traditional summer Sicilian breakfast - 'gelato e brioche' as it was so hot. Amongst other things we also ordered a cheeky take home 1 litre tub of their 'pistacchio' gelato. You know what they say, you can tell the quality of gelateria by the quality of their pistachio.

Dolci Sapoi was born out of the need for an authentic Italian pasticceria; a place for a typical Italian breakfast - an on the run expresso with a freshly baked pastry and the results from last nights soccer game.

They make all their delicious sweet treats on site each day as well as their gelato. The line is often out the door, though don't be put off, it moves very fast!

Ciao Ciao

vR x
p.s their arancini is out of this world - fried fresh while you wait.

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