Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

©Kara Rosenlund

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Brisbane and to be honest it is taking me a little while to get back up to speed (hence my late post!). Anyway, I spent the day with Timothy O at a near by beach (aka mudflat, it is Brisbane after all) collecting sea shells while he rode his new bike around.
I wasn't always into collecting sea shells, I was obsessed when I was younger, then as I got older I thought it was a bit over done and really not my style. Then a few years ago I went a bit sea shell mad. Along my journeys I would be smuggling shells and coral from all over the world.... and naturally also getting them confiscated at airports all over the world too... you win some you lose some.

I think the key to collecting sea shells or really any collection is having the right vessel to house or display them in. I keep my sea shells and coral and bones in an an old marble mortar and another collection in a large disused sieve.

I love a good collection; a little peep hole into someone's intricacies.

K xx


  1. But it also looks like you keep them in an old wire sieve - am I right??

  2. Yes - I have one of those large old fashion worksite sieves used for all sorts of things, usually sand for concrete. However saying that I saw the baker at Brewbakers using one the other week! x


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