Friday, October 21, 2011

Purple Haze....or is it maroon?

©Kara Rosenlund

Do you find that once you are attracted to a colour it just starts popping up all over the place? Last year I was mad about burnt orange (I still am), before that it was duck egg blue...just as a high lighting colour, nothing mad, just a dash.

I think I have entered a new chapter. It seems this purple / magenta hue has found me, otherwise known as maroon. (Doesn't sound very exciting does it, echoes of school uniforms and football teams).

This has come as a complete surprise. I was having some quiet time last night reading Keith Richards' autobiography (gotta love Keef) and I was admiring the purple/magenta flowers on the coffee table, when I jolted and looked down at my new trousers... yup... you guessed it, maroon! It has started! (Thank goodness football season is over).

Hope to see you tomorrow at Travelling Wares at the Powerhouse Farmers Market! Ill be the one wearing the maroon... what colour will you be wearing?

K xx


  1. HOT PINK!!!! Or Turquoise! I am totally into nudes with bright accents - and like a crazy possessed bowerbird I am loving neons! Wake me up before you go-go - but not tomorrow at 3am! See you then xx

  2. WHAMM and George Michael.... ah, life was good in the 80's!
    Looking forward to seeing your HOT PINK and nude attire. xx

  3. I'll be wearing blue and white stripes! Thinking marching band. Timothy O


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