Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stamp Collections

Growing up I loved my stamp collection. Hours on end archiving these little pieces of art from all over the world, stamped with inky text bound for its destination.

I think I got my love of stamp collecting from my father; he had a large file drawer in his desk dedicated to stamps, nothing fancy or ordered, just a drawer full of tiny pieces of colourful paper. I would often open the drawer and run my fingers through the mass of torn edges... digging down deep to retrieve a special one... just like a luck dip!

I still use my stamp collection when I need reference and inspiration for fonts and layouts, they really are quite exceptional once you take the time to appreciate them.

K xx
Im off to Bikram Yoga today...


  1. I love stamps too - my favourite one had a beautiful strawberry on it from Switzerland! It was hotly fought over at stamp swapping sessions we had with our neighbours. I think I may still have it somewhere. Good luck with yoga - and remember to breathe....

  2. Strawberries from Switzerland - that would of been pretty! The instructor kept saying that 'remember to breathe!'.... you are definitely in the know Sally!


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