Monday, June 20, 2011

EXCITING NEWS Travelling Wares Launch

Finally I can share with you my EXCITING NEWS! I recently bought a gorgeous vintage 1956 Franklin Caravan (affectionally known as Frankie) and have turned her into my 'Travelling Wares' pop up Caravan Shop! Yup, thats right, I have a caravan now, which is also a shop!

A love of early morning hunting and scouring at the trestle tables in Europe has inspired me to get amongst it myself and share my objets d'art and found delights with you from far and wide.

Come along this Saturday to the Jan Power's Powerhouse Markets at New Farm and say hi! On offer will be European porcelain, Polish enamel ware, silver cutlery, small furniture pieces and goodness knows what else!


  1. Oh my! How fabulous! I am totally coming to see you on Saturday!!! How exciting!!!!!

  2. Great! Can't wait to see you! Are you going to visit your boots too?

  3. ooh Kara this is fabulous! I can't wait to see you, polish enamel ware indeed hey! my eye's of scoping are activated.

  4. PruFru! Was secretly hoping I would tickle a prickle with you! (not that you are a prickle at all, rather a beautiful peony) Come on down Saturday if you guys are free!

  5. just brilliant! :) will try get there with my tribe!!!! I think Ruben will adore all the hiding possibilities in that gorgeous Frankie van of yours! ;)

  6. Aaaah! Love it! We would love to see your tribe! Ruben will be overwhelmed by the small space hiding possibilities!
    K xxxx

  7. SO CUTE! Welcome to the mobile shop world!

  8. Hey Punky! Thank you! I love your caravan! By the sounds of it you are a really 'go getta'! Love it! xxx

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