Thursday, June 2, 2011

Real Fire

(via simple everyday glamour)

I have done it! I have finally convinced Timothy O that we need a fireplace. I think the deprivation of a heater (on my part, read lower) and the fact that we have a few drafty gaps here and there due to renovating has helped sway him immensely!

The reason why we no longer have a heater is a few years ago I actually purchased one of those faux flame heaters; I was transfixed almost hypnotised by it's dancing flames. I had that baby cranking all day long, wheeling it around from room to room with me, where ever I was, it was (think devoted maltese terrier). It all ended in tears, as these sorts of relationships tend to do when..... the electricity bill came. Long story short I sold it on ebay.

The above images are from my fireplace file, which I think will be rapidly expanding!


  1. Ooh I want a fireplace too!!! Desperately - Jason scoffs - but our house is deathly cold! I have been looking at gas and the eco fires - are you going to go wood??

  2. Ah, those eco fires are very slick in their designs. We are building a small extension off the kitchen which will be our dining room, so I'm thinking a traditional wood fire approach. Keep on the fireplace bandwagon! He will give in!

  3. Do you know any retailers in Australia that sell decent fire place screens? thinking art deco...

  4. Hi David!
    I like to always keep an eye out for new stock from The Country Trader in Sydney, they stock numerous eras of antiques, They have an online store and can arrange shipment/transport depending on where you are in Australia. Here is their online catalogue:

    Ofcourse there is always eBay if you are prepared to wait it out until something comes up that is appropriate. Though if you do come across a particular design you like and for what ever reason can't get your hands on it, I always like to suggest supporting a local craftsperson to design bespoke objects. I know we are in an age of 'immediate purchasing' and what I am about to say may sound unusual, though perhaps contacting a blacksmith in your area could be surprisingly rewarding, both from an aesthetic point of view and a financial one. Thanks David.


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