Thursday, July 21, 2011

Favourite Things

Thought I would share a couple of my favourite things that will be available on Saturday!

Old French Wicker Baskets; I love these, either for laundry or for toys or even for your fire wood. Very versatile, you can never have too many (isn't that right Timothy O - mmm, we have quite a few).

A few of you have been asking after these - lovely old butter house/bells, I managed to snap this lovely heavy glass one up recently. I hate packaging, so everything is always decanted into glass jars or canisters - including the ol' butter!

A pair of old English bowls with strong Portuguese influence, very unusual. I recently styled a cookbook (more on that to come) with photographer Nikole Furnari and these were perfect for the shoot.

For something a bit unexpected, an educational map of South America. Now, we all know about Inca gold, let me tell you that this is 'vintage map gold!' Ready to hang. Ah, I love maps.

I'm so excited about Saturday, hope you are too!

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