Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brusha Brusha Brusha

© Kara Rosenlund

Brushes, I really think they have been left behind in the whole eco household cleaning movement. Sometimes you need to look backwards to move forwards and where else to start than with brushes.

Seriously, I use mine every day for all sorts of purposes and I'm continuously surprised by the strength of the humble bristle; dusting crumbs off the table and the stove top, wedging grim out of unusual spots, scrubbing the bottom of glass bottles, pots and pans.

I pick mine up when ever is see an unusual shape or size, a good place to find them is at your local paint supply shop!

Love home tips!

K xx


  1. sings "get the new ipana with the brand new flavour its dandy for your teeth!"
    hahhaha grease!

    wow when you think about it brushes are everywhere- we even use them in the lab for fine manoeuvres - and yep eckersleys is a great source!

  2. I know - so useful Prue! Eckersleys, Oh, how I love Eckersleys!


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