Friday, September 9, 2011

Eat Cake and Be Merry

©Kara Rosenlund

Eat Cake and Be Merry... I sure will be doing that tomorrow... and you should too!

I have found lots of different shapes and sizes of baking tins for you to bake that perfect weekend cake in. I even managed to track down what I consider our 'signature' cake tin - the love heart... in THREE different sizes: small, large and extra large.. now that's a lot of love in one cake!

See you tomorrow!
So excited!

K xx


  1. Beautiful pics almost bday girl! I can just imagine a trio of hearts iced in lusciously white, sugary,cream cheesy goodness hmmmmm....

  2. Do you reckon the heart tins were designed to be used for a wedding cake??? Perhaps you should keep them for yours! I think someone should start a cake delivering business - just by the slice because that cream cheese goodness sounds yum. See you tomorrow birthday girl xx

  3. Yum Prue - I can see that too! Cream Cheese Sugary goodness! xxxxx

  4. I know Sally! It's so hard! I really love these ones - I haven't come across the large ones before. I had heard an urban myth from a baker friend of mine, though was dubious...turned out she knew her stuff! I love them so! xx

  5. I vote keep too :)

  6. Did you raid my baking cupboard?? Kristen

  7. Sure did! - while you were dancing away to someone on the radio! xx

  8. What a great collection of cake tins.
    I got a couple from a car booty the other day for a song.

  9. Really Aga - isn't it exciting when you find a real diamond in amongst the trash!


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