Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still Life

©Kara Rosenlund

Still Life, two amazing words put together. Even though my life isn't particularly still, I do try to create some calmness and stillness within our house through the little vignettes I pull together with my favourite found bits.

For me glancing up at a little vignette while I'm dashing about gives me joy and inspiration; even though some days it feels as though everywhere I look is chaos, I have a few little zones of peace.

While I was away shooting with Nikole Furnari I bought this biography on the Australian artist Margaret Olley, 'Far From A Still Life'. I'm so eager to devour this book, I have always adored Olley's work and have been fascinated by her life.
Apparently Margaret Olley knew a thing or two about a still life.
K xx


  1. I agree! Sometimes, looking at an arrangement of things I love is enough to calm me or inspire me to tackle some of the chaos around me!

  2. Just chaos at our house.... But still love my kara inspirations!
    Mwa mwa anne

  3. So true Michelle! xx I think it always you to breathe out.


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