Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoot Unveiled - Escape to the Coast

©Nikole Furnari

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I jetted off to see photographer and BFF Nikole Furnari for a few days. We collaborated on a lifestyle shoot in her new home town on the Bellarine Peninsula in coastal Victoria, inspired by the raw wild coastal beauty.

I always have a giggle when my carryon luggage is x-rayed at the airport when I'm styling abroad or sourcing. I really must appear like some smuggling gyspy woman, with pots and pans and baking racks and china and bones crammed into my carry on luggage. Clinking and clanking my way on to the plane, attempting to look as effortless as possible (you know you are only allowed a couple of kilos in the cabin!). It is always worth it though - Nikole brings a shoot together like no one else. I love her imagery and the energy she brings to every collaboration we endeavour to do.

Speaking of which there is another collaboration I'll be sharing very soon. It was until yesterday a top secret!

Pop over and have a read of Nikole's blog....


A very big thank you to Sophie Rogers, our fantastic multi tasking chef on the day, the fabulous hair and makeup artist Sarah, charismatic models Kate and Tim and the lovely Steph - Nikole's super assistant!


  1. Absolutely stunning Kara! they really do capture the essence of a great escape to the coast. Just lovely. and I want me some of that toast!!!

  2. Toast looks superb doesn't it! Sophie did a cracker job on the toast!

  3. You really do have an incredible eye for colour Kara xx im so proud of you talented thing you

  4. Oh Prue! Thank you! It was a wonderful team effort. Lots of talented people involved! SO great seeing you guys on Saturday night! xxx

  5. So beautiful Kara, really really love the styling. And the mood of the whole shoot is amazing.

  6. Thanks Aga - that is lovely of you to say! xxx


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