Monday, September 19, 2011

Post Holiday Blues

©Kara Rosenlund

Thats right - I have Post Holiday Blues! Actually, I'm not the only one, between you and me Timothy O has them too. We stayed in a little shack high up amongst sand dunes with crashing waves below, cracking fresh crabs for dinner and drinking pina coladas while listening to Cameroon tribal music. Whales and dolphins played off shore in the sea and so did we! I now have 'new season' freckles scattered across my nose, a little memento of the fun had by the sea!

Guess what! There is a market this Saturday at the Powerhouse!
I found lots of new treasured bits while I was away too! Now that is exciting!
Hope to see you Saturday!

K xx


  1. beautiful pics kara xxxcameroon tribal music has got my ear pricked- is there a particular group you recommend?

  2. Welcome back! I understand those blues very, very well. Ho hum...

  3. Hey Prue - Ali Farka Toure; sounds a bit rude. He collaborates with all sorts of musicians! xxx

  4. Oh Sally 0 it is all your fault! First the online shopping addiction, now the holiday blues! xx


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